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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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((vanessa)) do regular traffic. toss to alcides- i4
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riding their bikes in front of their home.. what happened next.. will change their lives forever.. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in lakeland.. where the 5-year old boy was hit and killed by a pick up
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the man they say hit and killed a tampa teen... but he's already bonded out of jail. this is an update to a story we brought you late yesterday morning. at that time police were still searching for the driver... nikolaos konstantinou has seen been arrested. police say he ran over 17-year-old ashley perdomo wednesday night... then left the scene. police say he file an insurance claim for his damaged car. last night... the teen's family held a vigil. they say they're relieved konstantinou is being held responsible... but the bottom line is
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according to the pinellas county jail... konstantinou bonded out early this morning on 15-thousand-dollars bond. that was for his deadly hit and run charge.. he still has to face a judge for leaving the scene of a death. (vanessa/ a day of family fun at the legoland theme park was ruined after a bomb threat forced families and employees to evacuate yesterday afternoon. the park was closed for several hours as law enforcement combed the park looking for explos winter haven police aren't giving out too many specifics about the threat at this time... but they did tell us a note with the threat was found inside the legoland theme park. it happened yesterday afternoon. and while police suspected they might be dealing with a hoax... they weren't willing to take any chances officials told guests to evacuate the park... and the typically busy park quickly turned into a ghost town. unwilling to risk it... legoland remained closed into the early evening as bomb squad units combed the park for explosive devices ...
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parents wondering how to tell their kids their trip to legoland was no more. 5 hours later... police gave the all clear... allowing families to return to their hotel and ensuring legoland will open as scheduled today. legoland says it will issue refunds to every guest inconvenienced... while police will continue
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((vanessa/dbx)) thanks alcides. state transportation officials are moving forward with projects to make florida more pedestrian and biker friendly... million-dollars has been awarded to build 45 new trails across florida. 5 of which... will help complete the "coast to coast connector"... a 250-mile trail linking the gulf to the atlantic. officials say the completed trails are expected to draw both
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you can see on this map... the coast to coast trail is highlighted in orange. the new paths will help complete the pinellas trail in pinellas county... the "good neighbor trail" in hernando... and the van
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looking for somewhere to take the kids... how about a meet and greet with a dinosaur! where the little ones can see these amazing animatronic
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look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too. are you gonna do something about it?
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longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. welcome back... the time only at longhorn steakhouse. is 4:xx. can you believe we're already about halfway through october?! if you're having a little trouble getting into the halloween spirit... here's a few and... you might have a hard time running out of ?this haunted house. that's because it's inside a ?ship. "the chamber of terror" returns to the s-s american victory ship... parked at channelside in downtown tampa. guests get to meet a mad scientist and the ?freaks created by his military experiments tickets are 27 dollars... or 40 dollars for their verison of a fast pass. they call the
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and what could be the most ?unique haunted experience is in downtown tampa. it's called "the vault of souls." it takes place inside the exchange national bank downtown. they describe it as "elegant fear." you make a reservation for an exclusive party... to meet some of tampa's social elite. the only problem... they've been ?dead for almost a hundred years. tickets cost a hundred dollars... and that includes parking, snacks, and a free tarrot card reading promoting it... by having people in ?masks and suits...
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients.
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ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today most children's books are about princesses... or super heroes.. or maybe fairy tales.. and crime fighters.. but would anyone read a children's book about beer? well, one bartender is hoping you will. dennis kistner of baltimore works in a bar called mahaffey's, and his wife works there too. and said beer is a huge part of their lives... not just drinking it, but brewing it. so he started writing the book last fall for his two year son. it's called "hop head harry"... and he says it's educational and shows kids how to make something. right now, it's available on amazon, and
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and yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend. especially, when she finds them with her dad. this two carat diamond was found by dan and lauren frederick... father and daughter. they've always loved to hunt and dig for gems.. and their trip of a life-time was to visit the aptly named, "crater of diamonds" state park in arkansas. they were there about an hour, and say they saw this gem from about three feet away. he diamond was the cherry on top. they haven't said yet what they're going to do with it. stick with us... we'll checking out some of this weekend's hot happenings after the break... including a visit from one of this year's hottest comedians. plus: another check on the
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you and your kids can interact with dinosaurs this weekend. jurassic quest takes over the florida state fairgrounds saturday and sunday. you'll be able to walk among more than 50 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. be given the chance to ?ride dinos, dig for bones and jump in a dino bounce. it all starts at 9 a-m saturday. tickets start at 15-dollars for kids, 20 for adults. and... one of the years ?hottest comedians stops in tampa this sunday night. "amy schumer" is performing at the amalie arena. the emmy- winning writer has her own comedy central show, starred in the movie "trainwreck" , and even wrote a book. she actually referenced tampa in that book... but ?not in a
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?apologizes to the local crowd. we're guessing.... not. the show starts sunday at 7:30. ((//2shot)) toss to dave...
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we are keeping our eyes on a huge traffic problem, this morning.. alcides is at the i-4 - i-275 interchange where a fatal crash will be tying things up for awhile.. ((jen)) and: shayla reaves is live in lakeland.. where a family is dealing with an unimaginable tragedy.. ((vanessa
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get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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horrible traffic.. on a friday morning. right at one of the busiest intersections in the bay area.. stay away from i-4 and i-275 this morning.. ((jen a political stress mess.. doesn't matter which party you favor.. our bodies are wearing down from all the "back and forth". ((vanessa and: you can't be comfy.. without a soft pair of pj's.. this morning's hometown hero is on a mission to bring pajamas.. to kids in need.. ((vanessa) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm vanessa ruffes((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave.


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